The SAB production system

Design and simulation means

bending feasability (3D simulation), Finite Element Method calculation (CATIA V5, modal analysis … )

Continuous improvement

process with support of KAIZEN methods.


autonomy and reactivity with 2 stand alone manufacturing units dedicated to
prototype samples, low/medium and high production volumes.

Manufacturing means

Production site organised in 2 lean production units

  • bending machines,
  • digitally controlled deformation presses,
  • high temperature brazing furnaces with controlled atmosphere for low carbon and stainless steels,
  • induction brazing,
  • TIG/MIG/MAG welding,
  • laser (YAG) welding.


Inspection means

Cleanliness measurement laboratory & automatic particle counting microscope :

  • 3D measurement machines (ROMER – FARO – ZEÏSS),
  • leak-testing cells, control by camera,
  • contrôles par caméra,
  • cleanliness measurement laboratory,
  • high pressure test bench.

FARO arm


3D measurement machine

Tube cleanliness control laboratory
Automatic counting of ordinary and metallic particles and fibres

800 bar high pressure test bench

Digital profile projector
Geometric and dimensional measurements

Leak testing machine


  • Automotive : IATF 16949:2020
  • Aeronautics : EN 9100:2020
  • ISO 9001:2020
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001