Quality commitments


Natural resources are dwindling, while needs are constantly increasing due to the increase in population. These developments present the world with an ecological and social challenge: reducing pollution and the risks of climate change.

SAB Industries wants to contribute to making the world of today and tomorrow more sustainable. Our power to act is important, since we will be able to build trust and cooperation, and find a consensus around a creation of value which is at the same time being economic, social and environmental. To meet this challenge, SAB Industries is transforming itself, organizing itself around an integrated management system which obliges us and commits us in favor of sustainable development.

Commitments that aim to reconcile, for our customers, stakeholders and for ourselves, customer needs, environmental protection and human development.

Our goals :

• Comply with environmental standards and therefore ISO14001 certified
• Reinforce the security of each employee in his workstation and in particular be ISO 45001 certified
• Guarantee respect for human rights and exemplary business conduct at all levels of our organization: Promotion of our Code of ethics & business
• Manage and then reduce our discharges and waste (% rejects) *
• Reduce our rate of consumption of water, energy *
In this way and with our partners, our society wants to build, day after day, an economy with a lower environmental impact and a greater social impact, an economy that serves people without serving the environment or their health and safety.

The Managing Director

PS: * progressive objectives at 3 years

QHESST Policy commitment of management

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  • Automotive : IATF 16949:2020
  • Aéronautics : EN 910:2020
  • ISO 9001:2020
  • ISO 14001 in progress
  • ISO 45001 in progress


in progress 2020