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Bending machines CNC for tubes
Ø  1/4’’ 2,06’’

Tube-hose assemblies

Components assembly

Pressure sealing test


Build to spec

SAB industries designs custom engine and fluid transfer components and builds according to your specifications.

Build to print

SAB industries designs and manufactures engine and fluid transfer components to drawings, and custom brazing.


Automotive equipment manufacturer, Agricultural equipment, Construction equipment, Construction site machinery, Public works, Heavy goods vehicles, Aeronautics and Defence.

We are also present on other markets (Railways, Buses, Air Conditioning…) and our prototypists are at your service to build and develop with you technical feasibility.

Automotive Industry

SAB has built more than 55 years of experience with the largest OEM’s and Tier I automotive customers by bringing fluid management and sealing solutions in the transmission and engine

Nowadays our technical expertise enables us to sell our products globally.

Off-Highway, Heavy duty vehicule, Train, Bus

Expert teams are joining their expertise and their skills for the service of Off Highway/Heavy Duty vehicle industry.

We design and manufacture tubular systems for the hydraulic fluid management for more than 15 years.

Our dynamism along with our Innovation capabilities has allowed us to gain long-term confidence of the key players in this sector.

Aeronautics – defense

The reliability and the robustness of our manufacturing process enable us to increase our presence in this market segment.

Every day, our value proposition offers us new perspectives of sustainable partnerships with the most renowned aviation system suppliers.

Hydrogen – GNV

SAB designs and industrializes rigid or flexible systems with their sealing solutions according to the pressures/temperatures and assembles the components (hoses, fittings, valves…)

SAB implements different types of fittings (double ferrules or cone and thread or preformed tube ends).

SAB is a major player in co-developing and industrialising your tailor-made solution for bent and deformed tubes.